Children’s Smart Soap Dispenser


Automatic Infrared Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser

Kids get their hands just about everywhere, and it can be hard to keep track of exactly where they’ve been, which makes keeping them safe from harmful bacteria a handful for any parent. The Uwink children’s smart soap dispenser is designed to encourage kids to take their personal hygiene into their own hands by showing them that staying clean can in fact be fun!

  • Encourage Kids to Wash their Hands!
  • Cute shape cartoon Reindeer, Polar Bear or Panda style that kids will love.
  • None-contact smart-sensing foam dispenserNo cross-infection.
  • Easy to operate infrared sensor, activates in 0.25 seconds producing foam quickly.
  • Perfect for home, schools, nurseries, play areas and cafes.
  • Speed bubbles makes sanitising hands fun!

They come in a range of cute character’s including our reindeer, polar bear and panda designs, and feature a speed bubble dispenser, making them perfect for nurseries, schools, play areas, cafes and of course your home. The non-contact automatic dispenser prevents cross infection and the easy to operate infrared sensor, activates in 0.25, meaning the Uwink can keep up with even the fastest little ones.

Technical Information

  1. ABS material, environmental protection and dirt resistance
  2. Fully automatic induction, to avoid the spread of bacteria caused by contact
  3. Infrared sensor, hands reach to liquid outlet, bubble out in 0.25 seconds
  4. Unique shape, fun, practical, light and portable
  5. Built-in 1500mAh battery, low power consumption with power saving
  6. USB charging function, fast charging with overcharge protection
  7. Breathing lamp status reminder, wash hands
  8. Suitable for use with liquid hand sanitizers. F
  9. For daily use, perfect for home, hotels or other public places.
  10. Induction distance: 5-45mm
  11. Dimensions: 102 x 84 x 205.4mm

Additional information

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Panda, Reindeer, Polar Bear