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Hand Sanitiser Dispensers from Easy Sanitising

The world of hand sanitising can be a jungle. And seeing that hand sanitiser has become a new household staple, it can feel impossible to find one that suits you best. And while sanitisers have proven their worth for beating bacteria and making viruses vanish, most also come with that bitter alcohol smell and those uncomfortable, unavoidable dry cracked hands. At Easy Sanitising, we reckon we’ve got the solution.

Clean — Safe — Care

Unlike most available hand sanitisers, ours are based on Turkish kolonya – a traditional blend of antiseptic alcohol and aromatic fragrance dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Cologne use is widespread in Turkey. Found in hotel rooms, on restaurant tables, and even offered on public transport. Turkish sanitising cologne is gentler on the skin than most high-alcohol content sanitisers, and leaves your hands feeling refreshed and smelling fantastic with scents of citrus, jasmine, fig blossom and rose.

All while eliminating more than 80% of bacteria

The other side of the sanitising coin is its delivery. You’re likely familiar with the little plastic squeezable bottles, or the push pumps found outside most shops, but the easiest, cleanest method we’ve found for delivering sanitiser is by using a specialised dispenser.

These clever, compact devices dispense just the right amount of liquid sanitiser, and best of all they’re completely hands free – and with less shared contact means much lower rates of transmission of bacteria. Our range includes dispensers to suit the workplace, your home, and even your kids to make the sanitising experience as effortless and hygienic as possible.

We sell and hire out a hand-picked selection of colognes, dispensers, PPE and other sanitising products with the aim of changing the way we sanitise. Ready to join us? Check out our range today.