Hi I’m Sam the director of Easy sanitising, and I’d like to invite you to join me in my mission to change the way in which we engage with our personal hygiene.

If there’s one thing the global pandemic has taught us, it’s that personal hygiene matters, and that clean sanitised hands are our first and most vital line of defence. But there are parts of the world that had an appreciation of the importance of hand sanitisation long before us. Over the years I’ve spent a great deal of time travelling in Korea, Japan and Singapore, and as captivating as the beautiful scenery and delicious cuisines were, the biggest difference I noticed in my time abroad, was the way in which people approach personal hygiene. In all of these countries you can expect to see face masks on commutes, self-cleaning toilets in public restrooms, and perhaps most interestingly automatic hand sanitiser dispensers outside every hotel, hospital, school, restaurant bus stop and train station.

To the locals, keeping your hands bacteria free is second nature because the opportunities to do so are unavoidable. I believe that people engage with things more when we facilitate ease of access. There are no awkward and frankly unhygienic bottles, or push-pump dispensers in sight. Instead, their approach is the practical, logical, and easily accessible utilisation of automatic, sensor-activated hand sanitisers. I knew that if I could find a means of bringing this technology back to the UK then I had to do it. A few years later, and here we are, with a full extensive range of automatic hand sanitisers ready for shipping, for both commercial and private requirements, and with a style to suit every need and every home.

But this only tackled the initial problem. In many the years I’ve spent working as a barber, I’ve learn that my appreciation for hygiene comes at a cost; Dry, cracked hands, and an off-putting smell. But yet again, my time spent travelling provided the answer, this time, by way of Turkey. For over 200 years the Turkish have been combining antiseptic alcohols and aromatic fragrances to create a staple of their culture: Turkish Kolonya. Or cologne to me and you. You’ll find them on restaurant tables, outside public bathrooms, in hotel rooms and in just about every household, and with good reason. These rich anti-bacterial sanitising colognes are not only kind to your skin, but they also leave your hands smelling as wonderful as they feel. From the alluring warmth of fresh roses to the sparkling burst of citrus, we have a range of captivating scents exclusive to Easy Sanitising.

And there you have it. The perfect marriage. Turkish time honoured traditions and pioneering Asian technological savvy, coming together to provide a solution to make these uncertain and unsettling times a little easier on all of us.

Operating out of Fulham in South London and shipping to every corner of the country, we are primed and ready to deliver your new arsenal of bacteria fighting supplies to your door, and with a selection of Personal Protective Equipment and hygiene products now on our roster, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you and your family covered. We have over 300 positive reviews on Trust pilot and we receive more and more incredible feedback every day, so get in touch today and allow us to help you put your personal hygiene back in your hands.