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Easy Sanitising – How We Discovered a New Way to Sanitise

Listen, we’ve all been using hand sanitiser for a long time now. You’ve probably got a half-empty bottle or two stuffed in your bag or in your car’s glove compartment. We’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing it outside shops and restaurants that we automatically reach out for a spritz with so much as a second thought. And these sanitisers do the job, sure – but they also don’t smell great, and they have a nasty habit of making your hands all dry. So, what if I told you that there’s an option that’s not only much kinder to your skin, but also leaves you smelling divine?

In this post, I’ll be talking about our unique methods of sanitising, and how Easy Sanitising came to be. Sort of like our superhero origin story, but without the spider bite or nuclear waste.

I’ve been in the barbering business for 28 years now, and I like to think that means I’ve learned a thing or two about comfort and hygiene. The people walking through my door aren’t just looking to walk out again with less hair than before; they’re looking for an experience, too. They’re looking for somewhere they can relax, feel cared for, and somewhere that has their needs met as soon as they step inside.

This is where the worlds of grooming and hygiene intertwine, and the best barbers achieve this balance effortlessly. Not just by being meticulous about keeping their tools, surfaces, and appearance clean, but also by creating an atmosphere that soothes all the senses. The smells of quality hair products and colognes, the feel of a warm towel on your face, a familiar, friendly voice to greet you.

I learned quickly that a decent haircut is only one piece of a bigger picture when it comes to barbering, and that was only through listening to what my customers wanted. And since the pandemic hit, the conversation has turned more and more often to the subject of hygiene and sanitisation. My customers were finding that common sanitisers smelled terrible, and left their hands dry. And they found that those little 100ml bottles ran out way too quickly, or were far too easily misplaced.

Thanks to my travels abroad, I’d already encountered and collected some of my own practices for sanitising, and this is when I knew it was time to pass on this insight and help my customers find new, better ways to keep clean.

Hand sanitiser or sanitising cologne?

Turkey is like no other place I’ve visited before. I’ve visited countries all over the world including Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, but one aspect of Turkey’s culture struck me: their dedication to hygiene. It’s a deeply ingrained part of the country, and it’s best demonstrated in their widespread use of sanitising cologne, or kolonya. For over 200 years, Turkish people have been blending high quality, skin-sensitive alcohol with exquisite fragrances (traditionally citrus, jasmine, and rose) and using it as a cleanser for its antibacterial properties. It’s found everywhere, from inside homes and shops to public transport, and provides the perfect method to freshen and clean yourself after a long journey.

This practice is kind to the skin, kills up to 80% of bacteria, and smells fantastic, so when my customers asked for my recommendation for sanitisers, Turkey’s sanitising cologne instantly came to mind.

Making sanitising easy

Choosing the right type of sanitising cologne for Easy Sanitising was only the first step. Having listened to my customers’ concerns, I knew that there were also issues with the way we apply sanitiser, too.

Thankfully, there was something else I’d come across during my travels. In many Asian countries (especially in South Korea, Japan and Singapore) instead of relying on tiny bottles of sanitiser, most shops, restaurants, buses, and trains will have dedicated hands-free sanitiser dispensers available. I’d even heard that these were commonplace in schools, too. And if it’s easy enough for children to use, then why aren’t we using them here? I knew that by combining this effortless method of delivering sanitiser with refreshing and soothing Turkish-style cologne, I’d be able to help revolutionise the way we approach hygiene.

So, this is where we are today, and we’d love to invite you along for the journey. We’ve carefully selected a range of luxurious sanitising colognes, innovative sanitiser dispensers, and a selection of other protective equipment – all designed to change the way you sanitise. Ready? Check out our range today.

In our next post, we’ll be taking a closer look at how our sanitisers use bold fragrance to help you stand out while staying hygienic. If you’d like to be notified when it goes live, simply get in touch and we’ll make sure to let you know!

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